If you are over 50, the chances are you know all about asbestos, which has a checkered history, yet many young people were not yet born when the horrors of asbestos were revealed. Let’s rewind to the start of the Industrial Revolution, when asbestos began to be widely used, mainly due to its amazing fire resistance. What we did not know was the tiny slivers of asbestos are released into the atmosphere and when inhaled, can cause serious lung disease, such as lung cancer and asbestosis. Workers who toiled for 20 hours a day in asbestos factories soon became very ill and died and by the late 1960s, the medical profession brought to the world’s attention, the deadly aspects of asbestos, which is naturally found in many parts of the world.

Building Materials

If your home was built pre-1970, there’s a good chance that asbestos is present; sheets of building materials contained asbestos and partition walls are high-risk areas, so if you are thinking of a kitchen renovation any time soon, do not remove or disturb old building materials, rather search online for asbestos removal in Central Coast and let the professionals test for the presence of asbestos. In the event asbestos is found, the removal company can safely remove all traces of this deadly substance, then you can renovate with confidence.

Respiratory Disease

Once material that contains asbestos is agitated, the minute slivers of this fibrous material will be released into the atmosphere and should you inhale this, there might be no outward signs of any issues, which could be for years, but at any time, this can cause inflammation of the lung tissue, as the slivers are caught up in the lung capillaries.

Asbestos Removal

It might surprise you to learn that are still many properties in Australia that contain asbestos and the huge asbestos removal industry is a reflection of that. Never assume that your home is asbestos free and prior to any renovations or repairs, you should call in an asbestos removal company and have them carry out tests. If there is no asbestos present, you can rest assured that any renovation work can safely go ahead, but if asbestos is detected, the professionals can safely remove it.

Even though we know the perils of this natural substance, we have not yet eradicated from society and it will be many years before we can call closure on asbestos eradication.