Dumpster rental is a straightforward and stress-free transaction if done correctly. However, it could also bother other people in the neighborhood if you fail to do it right. These are some tips to help you when renting from companies like Evergreen Junk Removal Dumpsters.

Choose the right spot 

The staff from the dumpster rental company will only follow your request regarding the placement of the dumpster. It helps if you already know where to put it. The first rule is to avoid placing it on the road since it’s illegal. You will block vehicles if you do so. You should also identify the line that separates your area from your neighbor. Avoid going beyond your line, or your neighbor will complain about it.

Inform your neighbors 

Positioning the dumpster might cause loud sounds. Advise your neighbors that you intend to rent a dumpster, and it might be a bit loud for a few minutes. They can prepare for the arrival of the dumpster and not complain about it.

Choose the right time

Timing also matters. Don’t request the dumpster delivery at night. It will disturb neighbors who are already asleep or about to sleep. You should avoid doing it early in the morning too. Ask the rental company first about the available time slot and choose the best option. If you want to request same-day delivery, it’s possible too. Ask about the difference in the cost if you ask for same-day delivery.

Prepare everything you want to throw away

Before you even rent a dumpster, you should know what you want to let go of. You can determine the correct dumpster size based on the volume of trash you expect to throw away. Another reason for doing it is that you want to finish the process right away. Otherwise, you will keep going back and forth to toss the trash in the dumpster. It will produce more noise and could irritate the neighbors. Besides, you will only get one to two days for the rental period. If you don’t finish the job by that time, you will pay more.

Dumpster delivery doesn’t have to take much time. You can finish the transaction within a few minutes. Prepare yourself for the arrival of the staff from the rental company and provide clear instructions on where to put the dumpster. If there are problems, request slight adjustments.

It would help if you did the same for the dumpster pickup. Prepare for the arrival of the staff and inform your neighbors about it. Removal of the dumpster won’t take much time if everything is ready by the time the crew arrives.

If you only do this task during spring when you decide to clean the entire place, you won’t bother your neighbors frequently. You should also understand them if they have the same chores. You can even recommend the same dumpster rental company if you felt satisfied with the services offered. It includes the quality of the dumpster, friendliness of the staff, and cost of the service.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/5siXNDzgYtM