In the Lucite Decorating field there are two types of this popular Lucite. The first type is made from a natural mineral called Lucite and the other is Lucite mixed with resin and polymer. Both types have different properties and both can be found in most Lucite Decorating products such as Natural Stone and Lucite Crystal. In this article we’ll look at the uses of Lucite in home furnishings and interior designs and also in Lucite Decorating mirrors.

Lucite has been used as furniture for centuries but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that an acrylic based alternative to Lucite was created. Lucite Crystal and Lucite Wall Art are now popular alternative forms of Lucite for use in decorating and in wall art. An Acrylic based alternative to Lucite Crystal and Lucite Wall Art can be made from a special resin and polymer mixture, the term Lucite Crystal. This Lucite Crystal does not contain the mineral composition of natural Lucite and as a result doesn’t require any additional protection like cleaning. It is hard wearing and can withstand a lot of pressure and heat so is often used in lucite decor and furniture.

As a Lucite Crystal it’s colour ranges from white to a slightly green hue. As its popularity increased it became a choice for many furniture because of its anti-reflective properties that stops mirrors from reflecting light back into a room. This property comes from the crystals structure. Lucite produces anti-reflections when placed near a glass window which means your furniture will look as good from the outside as it is inside. As with all anti-reflective material the Lucite Crystal must be cut into smaller crystal sections before being used as part of decorative home ornaments.

Another advantage of Lucite is the fact that it can be shaped and polished just as any other glass. This feature makes Lucite furniture very versatile, which means many different types of decorative accessories can be added to the home including but not limited to table lamps, wall clocks, crystal figurines, mirrors and even tables and chairs! Lucite crystal is also excellent for interior design purposes. For example as part of Lucite Decorating mirrors you can use microfiber cloth on the back of the crystal to reflect light. This can be an extremely effective and eco-friendly way to enhance the way a room looks and feels.