Moving into a new apartment is a fun time for all. In terms of home security, it is also a much safer proposition for those that are worried– as there is usually only one door in and out of the property and less risk of break-ins through windows (for those apartments not on the ground floor at least). Despite this, it is important to install a home alarm system that fits well with your needs and looks after any vulnerabilities you may have about your home. Here, we take a look at smart home alarm systems and additional security solutions that could help you feel safe in your new apartment.

It is worth noting that for some large residential complexes with multiple apartments, it might not be permissible within your agreement to have an independent alarm system, as this might interfere with the security systems that the building management already has installed, so always check with them first before buying and installing new security products. It may be assumed, that an alarm isn’t appropriate for an apartment, but many smart alarms now have a simple hub (generally with an internal siren) and with a few sensors, installation is simple and suitable for numerous spaces, no matter how small.

Your first port of call should however always be front door security. This is, after all, the main entry point and could be the only entry point into your apartment. You can change the locks on the front door if you have bought the property and want to make sure that only you have the keys to access the property. Aside from that, this could be where you install a video doorbell or sensors that allow you to see who is at your front door within the building. In many cases, a video intercom system is already installed to allow access in and out of the main building, but this could add an extra layer of security to your individual apartment.

If you want to install motion sensors linked to your apartment alarm, think about how many you would need. It is different in an apartment than a house, as you are working with a smaller space invariably. A one-bedroom flat above ground is likely to only require an entry sensor on the front door and a single sensor in the hallway, to alert you to an intruder. A ground floor apartment might require sensors for the front and back (or sides depending on the layout of the apartment), as there are naturally more vulnerable entry points to cover. An indoor camera linked to your alarm system also adds peace of mind, especially if you are away from home and want to check in on the security at the apartment.

Once you have decided on the type of smart alarm system and additional smart home security products that would best fit your needs, speak to an experienced supplier and home security expert before making a purchase. This will provide you with greater insight into the products, specific advice based on your apartment type, layout, and your budget, and also help you find out whether you need assistance with installation etc. Having the support of an expert helps you to maximise your home security and find the right specification for an alarm system that fits an apartment perfectly, rather than a home alarm system.