Since childhood I have seen my grandparents and parents, washing dishes with hands. It is a beautiful memory because one person used to apply detergent and the other person rinsed and dried with a cloth. However, things have slightly changed in my life. Along with office and hectic schedule, I just don’t find washing utensils with my husband, who is mostly on the phone, an exciting task.  Thus, I planned to buy a dishwasher to save time and hassle.

The price of every dishwasher increases with several functions in it. Moreover, it is an electronic appliance that can damage any time. Thus, buying from a reliable retailer is equally important. I went for a lave-vaisselle LG because it is economical and saves energy. Firstly, the brand is known and worldwide famous. Secondly, the features in my dishwasher are exactly what I was looking for. It is a silent machine that doesn’t disturb at night, cleans three to four times, that means it is hygienic and there are adjustable racks and ample space to keep large dishes inside.

With a brand name you also need to be sure of their after-sales service. Although the after-sales service of LG is very good and efficient. Still, I bought my dishwasher from Mes Electro which is an appliance sales, repair, and service center which gives me double surety about my product. Even if LG brand lacks somewhere I can always approach the retailer. They started the company in 1973 in Sherbrook and after 47 years, they provide services in Victoriaville, St. Hubort, Granby, Trois Rivieres, and Drummondville.

Ever since I bought a dishwasher, I can easily tell that it is more fun to sit and talk rather washing dishes with hands and spoiling your skin. Economically, it might be expensive, but not that much if you use it smartly.


Hot water and Electricity

The main cost of dishwasher comes from heating water that uses a lot of energy. However, even when you boil water on the gas tank for cleaning dishes with hands, it consumes gas. You can either fill a basin with an equal amount of hot and cold water every time washing dishes with hands or simply avoid drying feature in the dishwasher and open the door to let dishes dry on their own. This is also another way of saving electricity.


Installation cost is more for a dishwasher compared to a basin. Even if the installation cost is more, the life of a dishwasher is approximately 10 years. This means within these 10 years you have used up every penny that was spent on installation. Fair enough!


I have observed that even after cleaning dishes with hands, you have a dirty sink and water spilled on the countertop. Thus, your work doesn’t end after washing dishes. Another 10 to 15 minutes are being consumed now. However, while washing in a dishwasher, I just need to spend ten minutes in wiping food from dishes with tissue paper of damp cloth and leave the rest on the machine. By the time it is cleaning utensils, I am done with organizing my kitchen.

Thus, according to my observation, both techniques are different for everyone. Things may be different for others who believe that household chores are part of family and can be done with fun. I believe in utilizing my time for productive work, therefore I depend a lot on electronic items.