Many homeowners purchase the first property, they do think ahead about the family that they want to have and so they purchase a home that is suitable for that and offer same all of the space that they could possibly need. The unfortunate thing is that many people make incorrect judgments and so they end up having more children than they thought they would and so their current property is not fit for purpose. Their teenagers are crying out for more space and as the parent, it is your job to provide them with it or go on having to listen to them complaining every single day.

You have two options currently available to you and one of them, you are probably not going to like at all. It involves you selling your current property and moving to a larger one that is going to cost you a lot more money every month when you make your mortgage payments. The other option and this is the one that you will like is to stay at your current property because you love it there and start making some changes using your local Construction company. There is lots of space within your current property if you know where to look and the following are just some ideas to help.

  • Convert the attic – Right above your head there is a significant amount of space that is being under-utilised. It’s likely that you keep old boxes of clothes and other insignificant things up there when that space can be used to create two small bedrooms are one large one. With the addition of a skylight, your teenagers are going to be fighting over who gets to live at the top of the house.
  • Convert that garage – Before you start saying that this is a place where you park your car, you haven’t parked the car in your garage in many years and it sits outside on the drive every single evening. This is the perfect space to create a granny flat and your eldest teenager will thank you for it.
  • Build an extension – If all else fails, you can add on to your current property and your building contractor is more than capable of doing this for you. Once you get the planning permission and the permission of your neighbour, you can create extra rooms on the side or back of the house.

These are just three ideas that come to mind and I’m sure if you put your collective heads together, you could come up with a few more.