Frequently Asked Questions Related to Bed Bugs

People of Canada have been already facing bedbugs infestation for the last few years and according to experts, it is going to increase the problem of bed bugs even further in Canada in the coming few years.

You must call any expert pest control company to remove bedbugs that, in French, they say enlever les punaises because once they infest your home, it becomes too difficult to remove them from your home entirely.

In this aricle, we shall try to answer a few frequently asked questions related to bed bugs, which may interest most of you who are facing bed bug problems at home.

What these bed bugs are?

You can often find bed bugs at home which are flat, small, parasitic insects that appear like an apple seed and feed only on human or animal blood while sleeping. Normally, these bed bugs are having reddish-brown color, without any wing.

Their size is between 1mm and 7mm that can also live for several months without any blood feed.

Where can you normally find bed bugs?

You can find these bed bugs almost everywhere in the world. However, currently, their population is increasing at a very rapid rate in advanced countries too. Generally, you can find them hiding under your bed mattresses, behind your wallpapers, any old pictures, or any cracks on the wall.

Can bed bugs spread any disease?

As such these bad bugs will not spread any disease like mosquitos, but their presence in your home can be irritating at times. You may have disturbed sleep at night as usual they will suck your blood when you are asleep on your bed after switching off your lights.

What kind of health risks bed bugs may pose?

Each person will be affected differently because of bites from bed bug as bite responses may range from no physical signs of bug bite to little bite mark, and in some cases serious allergic reaction. As such, bed bugs are never considered dangerous but an allergic reaction due to several bites will need medical attention.

How will I know whether I have been bitten by bedbugs?

Generally, it is difficult to know whether bedbugs have bitten you until you notice any bed bugs or signs of their infestation. If a bed bug ever bites you then you feel as if a pin has been inserted on your skin for a few seconds. That area may itch for some time. Often many people even do not realize it while sleeping.