Having your own private swimming pool at home is a wonderful luxury that many people are lucky enough to experience. There are literally millions of private swimming pools all around Australia, and Aussies love the feeling of jumping into the pool after a long hard day at work.

Swimming Pool Safety

Did you know that by Australian law, every private swimming pool is required to have a fence around it? Moreover, these fences must meet or exceed government expectations to be able to be installed in private residences in Australia. Ensuring the safety of users young and old is the goal of the government specifications on pool safety.

The government doesn’t state which material the swimming pool fence should be made from, but they do state how secure and tall the gate and fence should be.

For people considering which type of fencing to install around their swimming pool, glass is a great choice for many reasons.

There are two main types of glass swimming pool fencing sold commercially:

  1. Frameless – This type of fencing has no visible joints in the glass panels so all you see is a number of glass panels joined together.
  1. Semi-frameless – This type of fencing has metal frames to support and join the frames of glass together.

The main differences between these two types are aesthetic in nature – frameless pool glass in Adelaide offers a clearer view of the whole pool area whilst still using high quality toughened glass.

It is important that swimming pool owners invest in pool safety equipment, as the vast majority of swimming pool deaths and accidents happen in pools with little or no safety equipment.

Swimming pool fences come in a variety of materials and designs, from antique-looking wrought iron fencing, to slender, minimalistic glass designs or plastic mesh pool protectors.

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing 

There are many advantages to glass swimming pool fencing over other materials such as wood or iron.

Firstly, glass looks cool, clean and elegant. The transparent nature of glass means that your view is never obstructed.

Secondly, glass is easy to clean with simple everyday household materials, such as soap and warm water. No need to worry about rust.

Lastly, glass pool fencing is cheaper than you may think, giving you safety and style at an affordable price.

Looking After Glass Fencing 

Taking care of your glass swimming pool fence couldn’t be easier. Just wipe both sides down with a soapy cloth, and rinse well with warm water or a hose pipe. Easy!