The architectural styles of San Diego homes are as varied as the neighborhoods they’re located in. The area’s mild desert oasis climate,amidst a beautiful landscape that’sfilled with vistas and hills, is ideal for accommodatingdiversity. The rich history of America’s Finest City goes back to the mid-1700s, with early settlers adhering to South American and Spanish style traditions.

Over the years, as European settlers moved to the country, they brought Victorian and Old Craftsman architectures to the city, amplifying its mixture of genres. Later contemporary style homes added to the mix creating the perfect juxtaposition of old and new. Here are the most common architectural styles found in San Diego that can be complemented with steel and iron doors:

Victorian homes

The 1840s marked the dawn of the Victorian era in San Diego. Victorian-style homes were created while keeping simplicity and elegance in mind. Over almost two centuries later, these homes still grace the San Diego landscape with some of thecity’s oldest buildings.

Victorian architecture’s defining features include an asymmetrical façade, a steeply pitched roof, porch and walls with decorative textures. While strolling through the more vintage communities of downtownSan Diego, you’ll find many Victorian homes that are lined with arched iron doorsand embellished with intricate scrollwork and floral designs.

The romantic appeal of Victorian-style homes is enhanced by the carefully crafted customized iron windows, installed at strategic locations to let natural light in. The open space, high ceilings and four-sided fireplaces of these homes are reminiscent of royalty that once graced the city.

Spanish homes

An ode to Spain’s beauty, Spanish-style homes feature textured stucco walls, low-pitched roofs, round or square towers, rounded archways, decorative iron scones and terracotta tile roofs. The characteristic flourishes and ornamentation of the Spanish architecture in Loma Portal, Point Loma, Kensington, Mission Hills, Rancho Santa Fe and Presidio Park were designedby the famed architect Lilian Rice.

Since the climate of San Diego is similar to Spain’s and Mexico’s, cool tiles, arcades, courtyards and balconies are ideal for the city. These homes are lined with contemporary factory-style doors and windows to create a seamless transition between the outdoors and the indoors.

People can get an expansive view of their well-maintained landscapes while enjoying a cup of coffee in their Spanish-styled living space. The demand for Spanish homes is high due to the trend that valorizesfusion of old and new. People prefer ‘traditional Spanish’ facades with more contemporary bathrooms, modern kitchens and comfortable bedrooms.

Factory-style sleek and stylish steel doors and windows fulfill the purpose of fusing the traditional with the modern while keeping the core qualities of Spanish-style homes intact.

Midcentury Modern homes

‘The house of tomorrow’ first appeared in the San Diego landscape during the 1940s and 1950s. These ‘modern homes’ featured flat roofs with wide overhangs, monochromatic surfaces with pops of color, open floor plans, large windows, and sliding glass doors.

The more open indoor-outdoor aesthetic of midcentury modern homes appeals to homeowners in Bankers Hill, La Jolla, Point Loma, Mission Hills, Mt. Helix and Del Cerro, where the streets are lined with modern architecture. People who champion midcentury modern architecture believe that living in glass and wood pavilions can enhance a person’s lifestyle and well-being.

Sleek floor to ceilingbi-fold steel doorsthat are fitted with glass panels are characteristic of modern homes that emphasize lighting interiors with natural light streaks. Steel sliding doorsare also installed at many locations in the home to aid in theseamless transition between areas.

Mediterranean homes

Anything that looks Italian, Spanish, Californian or a bit of all three can be categorized as Mediterranean. These homes feature stucco exteriors, balconies with iron railings, large windows and brick or tile vents. Other than fitting the San Diego climate well, Mediterranean homes are cheaper to build and maintain.

This is why these homes are among the most popular in the region. Black steel front doorsembellish the entryways of these homes and add a touch of elegance. Many homeowners complement the black front doors with big black steel windows that let the breezy winds in and make homes cozier.

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