Leadlight doors and windows have been around for some time, but their popularity now is greater than ever before. Along with adding elegance to the house, there are many more reasons why people prefer to design and decorate their homes with leadlight.

What Is Leadlight?

Leadlight is a decorative glass used commonly as windows and doors. Leadlight contains small sections of glass that may be coloured, texture, obscured, or etched. Patterns are created by fixing these sections in frames made from lead.

There are many advantages of opting for leadlight instead of traditional clear glass or wood.

Advantages of Getting Leadlight Doors and Windows

Designed to Order

Leadlight doors and windows can be designed to order, which will make them unique to you. The option of custom designs allows people to add their personal touch to the property that reflects their personality. Everything can be customised, including the colours, patterns, and how much passes through. This cannot be achieved using the common clear glass or wooden doors and windows.

They Are More Affordable

Nice and secure front doors commonly available in the market are expensive, as they are made with material such as wood. You might be able to find less expensive doors made with such materials too, but then they would not be as secure or might just be a plain, simple rectangular plank of wood.

On the other hand, leadlight in Sydney is a quite affordable, secure, and nice-looking option. They will bring up the aesthetics of your place while keeping things under budget.

Allows More Natural Light to Come in

Natural light is essential, and leadlight surfaces can be designed to allow more natural light to come in and brighten the place. It will also help to bring down the electricity bill of your place by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Leadlight Maintains Privacy

Leadlight doors and windows that are textured, frosted, or coloured are much better than clear, plain glass in terms of privacy. For neighbourhoods with closely packed houses and apartments, leadlight windows will be a much better option to ensure that no one is peeping inside and invading your privacy. Also, leadlight is preferable for houses having their front doors clearly visible from the street.

Improved Aesthetics Along with Better Security

The look of leadlight doors and windows is highly attractive and elegant. Adding it will help make your place unique, beautiful, and interesting to look at. Moreover, compared to ordinary glass, a double-glazed leadlight door or window is much stronger. It will be weather-resistant and harder for an intruder to break.