Hairpin desk legs are small yet surprisingly strong. They can be seen in many homes and offices today. We’ll take a look at the history of hairpin desk legs, how to install them on your desk, and what you should know about using them.

The name “hairpin leg” comes from the fact that these types of desks were initially made by hand out of wood planks with metal rods used for support instead of heavy steel or iron beams.

Metal furniture was prohibitively expensive during this period due to high cost and low supply; however, wood was plentiful and relatively cheap, so it became the material preferred by craftsmen who could afford their own workshop space.

Because this style of desk originated in the Victorian age, it was often given a feminine touch. For example, hairpin desks may have had detailed carvings on them or were painted with pretty floral designs to look more attractive.

If you are looking for an antique hairpin leg desk, be sure that all parts are still intact and can easily fold up before purchasing so you don’t get stuck with something that is missing important pieces.

The majority of us will never need to buy an old-fashioned wooden hairpin desk since they do not have much space underneath for storage; however, having one at home could bring about some great conversations when friends come over!