Stores that have brick and mortar locations are finding it increasingly difficult to get people through the doors so they can turn them into customers. That’s why it’s so important that your shop is appealing to customers and brings people in. If your store is in need of a makeover, or simply looks dated, here are some things to improve your shop space and make it more pleasant, so people will be more likely to walk through the door.

  1. Good signage

Whether they find you online and visit your location, or you rely on passing trade, good signage is essential for your business. This also shows that you are professional and a legit business, rather than a fly by night operation.

Some signage you will need includes:

  • A clear shop sign with your name
  • Directions to the car park entrance
  • Easy signs to how to get into your shop
  • In a larger branch, you may need to put signs on different aisles, otherwise people may give up looking for things and leave

If you’ve had people struggle to find you or complain about lack of signage, now may be a good time to upgrade and create a better first impression.

  1. Quality décor

Your shop’s décor says a lot about your business. If it’s tired and old, it may make customers think you’ve given up and don’t care, which reflects badly on your brand. It may be worth thinking of a renovation. Look into epoxy flooring Adelaide, which is an excellent choice for shops as it’s contemporary and stylish, as well as easy to clean. A lick of paint is also welcome, as it’ll give your shop a cared for, neat look.

  1. Organised shelving

Many independent stores hold a lot of stock, and while you may think your cluttered shelves look charming, customers might think they are frustrating. Consider upgrading to some better shelves that are easier to dust and let you space out your products. This means people can browse without feeling overwhelmed and can find what they need without having to ask.

If your shop could use more custom, as most retailers could right now, you may want to look into making some upgrades. A little bit of effort now can make a big difference and ensures that you don’t put off any potential customers.  No matter what you sell or what services you offer, there are certain things any shop can benefit from.